Here The Reason Why Wakanda Was Never Used In Any Marvel Movie Prior To Black Panther...

Here The Reason Why Wakanda Was Never Used In Any Marvel Movie Prior To Black Panther...

As Black Panther is going to release today and we will see the nation of Wakanda,the most technologically advanced nation on the entire planet.
Having a look at the trailers,we get to see that it is a technologically advanced nation with some pretty cool stuffs.It is a country which is isolated to the entire world.
Nothing in this nation is normal compared to other nations.So,why was it never used in other Marvel Movies before Black Panther?

From start of Iron Man movie,We got some litte mentions about this nation.In Iron Man 2,We saw it marked  on a map during the interrogation between Nick Fury and Tony Stark.

In Avengers:Age of Ultron,we saw Bruce Banner saying the name Wakanda where Vibranium is located.

And finally we got a litte bit of glimpse of how wakanda is towards the end of Captain America:Civil War and that too in the post-credits scene.

Other then these three litte mentions,we have had nothing!But why??Well We have a answer here.

In a latest interview,producers of Black Panther were asked the same question.

Here's the exact question asked....

“Wakanda itself was first hinted at in Iron Man 2. Obviously it’s a big part of the comics and I know that Marvel has been developing a Black Panther movie for a while. Was there ever any chance that we were going to see Wakanda before this movie or was it always held for this?”
ThThis question was answered by Moore.Here's what he said:

“We talked about it. And the truth was, there was so much to bite off that we didn’t want to waste it. We could have gone there a couple of times before. There were iterations of other scripts where we did go to Wakanda. But we didn’t want to tease it without a full idea of what it was going to be. We didn’t want to start locking into ideas without having a story or a filmmaker who had a full understanding of what the country was. All of those ideas fell to the wayside until we could spend a full movie on it.”

Well that was right.Wakanda is a big part of the Marvel comics lore. And if some Director would have shown it in the past, then Ryan Coogler would have had to stick to that vision and explore that. He would not have gotten his creative freedom and we would not have got what supposedly is the best-looking nation in the entire MCU. And if Coogler would have done it in his own way, and it turned out to be different from what we saw before, there would have been irregularities which we would not have liked at all.

Moore also said how director coogler was with the movie.Here's what he said:

 I think Ryan is a fantastic storyteller, specifically with character. We sort of knew the overall framework of what we wanted the movie to be. What he infused was a really good sense of the complications of being T’Challa and also really building out that supporting cast. One of the things that we love about the property of Black Panther is that there are so many interesting roles around him. Whether it be Ramonda, his mother; his sister, Shuri; Zuri, who is an advisor and a contemporary to T’Chaka’s and sort of a last link to his father. Ryan was really interested in exploring those relationships. Also, I think building out his relationship with the Dora Milaje, this group of all female, sort of Seal Team Six special forces women but making them all characters, making them all individuals rather than, again, this monolithic force of ass-kickers. That would be fun, and we’d always thought that’d be fun, but what we didn’t expect and what he really wanted to explore is the depth of the emotional connections between T’Challa and those individuals.  

Black Panther is going to be amazing as it is going to release today..


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